Are you a SUPERSTAR?

Proven Sales ManagersHuge income potential for hard working proven sales managers offering fundraising products and services to schools, sports groups, churches and other non-profit organizations.  The need for funds to offset budget short-falls and the desire to cover the cost of unbudgeted opportunities drives the market.  With strained finances caused by ever constricting means in school districts, youth groups, clubs and other not for profit groups demand for fundraising products, service and guidance has grown rapidly and dramatically over the past few years, and with tighter and tighter budgets there is no end in sight.

Top commissions.

As an established debt free company, USFundraising Corp is not only able to offer financing to most of our clients (they pay nothing until we complete their fundraiser; Who wouldn’t want that?), and while offering financing we are still able to pay the highest commissions in our industry.

Complete training and top notch product support!

The suggestions, tips and direction Top notch trainingyou receive while building your business will be priceless. We will make sure you know what you’re are doing so you can first go out and do and then teach other to a proven way duplicate your efforts and really crank up your profits.  We’ll keep you informed on new successes and methods that other reps and managers discover.  You will never find yourself competing with any better products and services than we offer. We are offering the highest quality products and services available in the industry, you will be proud of your products, will be able to hold your head high and will be seen as a leader in your community.  You will never be stuck in a compromising position, having to explain away some short coming. You can run your business as it should be, direct, honest and with Pride!

USFundraising will give you the freedom to make a big difference in your own life and the lives of others. Now don’t mistake this for something that is easy, if you cannot consistently motivate yourself, if sales is not your cup of tea, if you tend to work sporadically, have frequent lapses of laziness, like to sleep until noon or try to just skate by doing the minimum, then you will certainly fail at building any successful sales business, and this sales managers position is no different.  If you are not confident in your ability to be the best and are looking for a salaried, cushy, safety net type “job”, then this is not the place for you. However,  if you are willing to work consistently, persistently, efficiently and are able to take direction and have great abilities, then you will never look back in disappointment.

Award Winning RepsDo you have a lot of charm, ambition, energy and imagination?  Do you have a knack for sales? Would you finally really like to earn what you are worth?  Would you like an opportunity to earn a six-figure income and be willing to do what it takes to achieve it?  Would you enjoy being a hero to your customers?

Ideally suited positions for “people persons”, with proven sales experience, we are looking for only the best or those striving to be the best.  Sports background is a plus.  It takes a certain gift of gab and a true caring spirit to make immediate friends, and that is a natural relationship you will make as you help others raise much needed funds.

We are a new division of a national marketing organization that needs top field managers and commissioned sales reps in virtually every city, town and county in the USA.  We have a huge sales market that is currently not well served.  You will be able to fill a need as an independent contractor, while supplied with superior proven product sales and tools to “build your own business”.

Immediate opening for sales managers with proven success history.

For more information call (800)456-4792